I grew up in Lithuania and left my job as a technician in a medical device development company to come to Cambridge, having previously sat the International Baccalaureate.Since Lucy is a rather small college, you get to know most of the student population and have plenty of opportunities for exciting social life. Furthermore, your voice really matters in the decision making processes of the college and you can get big things accomplished through joining the Student Union committee or launching a new society/initiative. I loved the fact that the Natural Sciences course aims to develop scientists capable of asking critical questions and developing solutions to them – at all times you are encouraged to think independently and judge objectively, rather than learn by rote.


I worked in the fast food industry before taking an Access to HE Diploma at Birmingham Metropolitan College and studying A-level Sciences, independently. I like the fact that I’m lectured by world experts here: they know the field, because they’re the ones doing critical research in it. There’s also a useful overlap between courses in Natural Sciences, meaning that scientific concepts are explored from a number of perspectives. And overall, it isn’t as scary as I’d anticipated: the material is delivered at a level people feel comfortable with, and I can manage most of my work within scheduled contact hours. Lucy Cavendish is definitely the prettiest ‘mature’ college, with the nicest buildings of all the modern colleges. Everyone knows each other, and the Library has great sofas!


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