Lucy Cavendish aims to admit three undergraduates in Veterinary Medicine each year, at least two of whom are generally affiliated (or 'graduate entry') students. We also have a number of postgraduates working in related fields, as well as teaching and research staff, making for a warm and supportive subject community.

Cambridge Veterinary Medicine is internationally renowned, and highly competitive. The course comprises three years of pre-clinical study (two for affiliated students), followed by three years of clinical study, and equips students with the skills required to enter practice in the UK and EU.

Further information about the course can be found on the Department and University websites.

Director of Studies

Dr Jane Greatorex

Course Requirements

Applicants must have A Levels in Chemistry, and one of Biology/Human Biology, Physics, Mathematics.  However, most successful applicants have at least three science/mathematics A Levels at grade A or A*.  Affiliated applicants also need a good BA Honours Degree equivalent to a 2.i, and science subjects are desirable.

Applicants holding qualifications they believe to be equivalent other than the International Baccalaureate and Scottish Highers will need to demonstrate, convincingly, that those qualifications involve a comparable level of scientific and mathematical understanding, and are advised to contact us for guidance.

See the general Entrance Requirements and FAQ for more information about our academic conditions. You can also contact our Admissions Office with queries.

Admissions Assessment

Applicants for Veterinary Medicine are required to take the Natural Sciences pre-interview written assessment on 2 November, including those applying to an age 21+ College.  You must be registered in advance to take the assessment, and the registration deadline is 15 October. Information about how to register, and specifications, can be found on the Cambridge website here.


Emma read Biological Sciences at Oxford and went on to do a PhD on the behavioural ecology of bats before deciding she wanted to pursue her concern for animal welfare more practically. What I have most enjoyed about Lucy Cavendish is having the opportunity to meet so many amazing people from such varied walks of life. The college is also situated very close to the vet school, which is handy! What I have most enjoyed about my course is definitely the EMS (Extra-Mural Studies). Getting out on work experience helps to remind you why you’re here, and that all the studying will be worthwhile!

Lizzy worked in a pet store for several years, and studied independently to improve the A-level grades she had originally achieved at school in Norwich. I have always known I wanted be a vet however I had never considered Cambridge before due to the various myths I had heard. How wrong the myths are! Coming to Lucy Cavendish was such a welcoming and refreshing experience. The college is a supportive, encouraging environment that feels a home away from home. The vet course here is amazing due to the well equipped vet school, top class lecturers and the small year group. On top of this there are almost one to one ratios with supervisors at the college, who can help with any questions you may have from lectures.

Emma was inspired to study Veterinary Medicine by her time as a receptionist in a veterinary practice, and came to Cambridge following a BSc in Zoology at Edinburgh University. There is camaraderie associated with doing a degree in Veterinary Medicine here. You honestly find yourself in ridiculous situations (being dragged across muddy fields by sheep/ despairingly trying to explain to clients why the tablets given should be administered by mouth, not elsewhere!/ being covered head to toe in any number of unmentionable fluids), but you also have the joy of sharing everyone else’s experiences; your classmates and those you meet in practice who have also been through the veterinary mill. No other degree will give you such varied experiences, nor provide such a constant academic challenge. In addition, you will have an endless stream of dinner party stories that will horrify and amaze your non-vetty friends!