I applied to Lucy Cavendish to study Veterinary Medicine in my final 
year of undergrad at the University of Nottingham. I was studying Animal 
Science there, but still had dreams of being a vet after failing to get 
an offer when leaving school. I'd always wanted to be a vet but didn't 
have enough experience having grown up in London, and it was only during 
my first degree that I got to chance to see a wide range of practice and 
really understand why I would enjoy this career. 

As I was a graduate there were only three colleges I could apply to (for 
this course) and Lucy Cavendish seemed the most friendly. The interview 
process was really relaxed compared to interviews I'd had before and 
allowed me to perform to my best ability. I didn't expect to love the 
college as much as I do - I ended up living on site in college for four 
years because I enjoyed it so much! There's a good mix of undergrads and 
postgrads, and being one of the only 'mature' students in my year on the 
vet course I was grateful for being in a mature / grad college. The 
social scene is also really good! I play rugby for the University and 
the college has always been really proactive with supporting me in that, 
which I really appreciate. I've also had good academic support -  the 
quality of supervisions can vary greatly between colleges but I 
definitely had some of the best supervisors.

When I qualify I plan on taking a few months off before starting work to 
travel and put my vet skills to use in charity clinics abroad. I plan on 
going into practice after that but have yet to decide between farm or 
small animals (or both!).


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