What is a Visiting Student?

Visiting Students take undergraduate courses, usually from the first or second year of a Cambridge undergraduate degree and study in Cambridge for three terms, from October until June.  Our Admissions panel are, however, willing to consider applications for two terms if the requirements of their home university means a student must return sooner.

Who can apply to be a Visiting Student?

Ideally applicants should take at least two years of undergraduate study at their home institution prior to arrival in Cambridge, and must be age 21+ at the start of their Visiting Student stay at Lucy Cavendish.

How many Visiting Students are there at Lucy Cavendish?

We admit up to twenty Visiting Students annually, including women participating in Study Abroad and Junior Year Abroad programmes, Studienstiftung, DAAD and Erasmus students.

Do Visiting Students have the same 'Cambridge' experience as other undergraduates?

Visiting Students experience Cambridge in the same way as our undergraduate students as a matriculated member of the University of Cambridge, and live in College accommodation with other students.  They receive a Certificate of Study from the College and certified copies of supervision reports at the end of their course.

Can I be a Visiting Student on a postgraduate course?

Visiting Students who wish to follow postgraduate courses must apply through the Graduate Admissions Office, nominating Lucy Cavendish as their first preference College.

How do I apply to be a Visiting Student?

Prospective undergraduate Visiting Students should complete the specific Lucy Cavendish application form. The deadline for application is March 1 for entry the following October, and our Admissions Office (admissions@lucy-cav.cam.ac.uk) would be pleased to answer any questions not explained by our Visiting Student FAQs.

Erasmus applicants should check whether their home university has an agreement with the University of Cambridge in the subject they wish to study and, if so, apply through their home university.

My experience here as a Visiting Student

Feeling I needed a break from my law studies in Sweden, I wanted to study a year abroad at Cambridge University. There are not many colleges offering places for visiting students, so when I discovered Lucy Cavendish College, I knew I had found the right place. As a visiting student, you have already studied for at least two years, so being at a mature college works really well. All students at Lucy have taken different paths before starting at Cambridge, so you never feel like the odd one out. To be able to study HSPS was a chance to explore my other interests, and also gave me a whole new outlook on my law degree. The small, personal supervisions the college arranged were completely new for me. These were simultaneously a safety-net – a place to ask all my stupid questions and to make sure that I never fell behind – but also really pushed my thinking and gave me completely new perspectives on the subjects. Before coming I was worried that I might not be as involved as all the other students coming for a full bachelor degree. But from day one I always felt welcomed and included, in everything from supervisions to college parties. Being a visiting student at Lucy Cavendish really means you get the full Cambridge experience for a year, and to do this has been one of the best decisions in my life. Studying here at Lucy feels like being welcomed with open arms. Contrary to what I feared before going here, I’m as much part of the College life and University as any undergraduate student...read more