Marianne used the credits she gained as an Erasmus student in English Literature to complete her Masters at La Sorbonne Nouvelle; she currently teaches English back in France. What did I most enjoy about my year? Typical Cambridge things: punting, going to the pub The Eagle, going to Formals at Lucy and at other colleges, cycling in town, the beautiful Cam. The great theatre life (and seeing so much well-performed Shakespeare on stage) and hence, the immediate and unique interaction between the course, the reading and everyday life in this historic city. The variety of backgrounds and personal views of each woman at Lucy: I had some of the most interesting conversations on the college grounds, and made long-lasting friendships with women I would never have met in other circumstances. The availability of our Director of Studies and our tutors, the way they encouraged us to develop our own intellectual path when studying or writing an essay.

Rachel came to Cambridge from Western Kentucky University and is now working on a PhD on the language processing of children with autism spectrum disorder at the University of Texas at Austin. As a visiting student I completed three papers in Part 1 of the Linguistics Tripos, which is a general introduction to all areas of linguistics. I also had the opportunity to refine my Mandarin proficiency through the Chinese Cultural Society, and worked with Dr. Napoleon Katsos in the Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistics. At Lucy Cavendish, I enjoyed the opportunity to build friendships with inspiring women from all over the world. Everyone I met seemed to have her own wealth of knowledge and captivating story to share. The tight knit community provided the solace I needed to endure the rigorous coursework, and encouraged me to take time to enjoy other aspects of Cambridge, e.g. catching shows at the ADC Theatre.

Linda is majoring in Actuarial Science at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and has spent her year at Lucy Cavendish studying Economics. Though the College is not big, it is quite beautiful and tidy. All the staff are very kind and helpful. The tutorial meetings with my tutor have been interesting and a good chance to talk about my study, life and feelings. The students are easy-going and I have found very good friends at the college. Supervisions truly deserve to be a famous characteristic of the Cambridge education system. My essays are always commented in detail and key points are emphasized by supervisors repeatedly. Other graduate and undergraduate economists have also been willing to share their experience and give guidance.

Eva began her student career at the University of Vienna, and arrived in Cambridge on the Erasmus scheme. Her academic interest is in German Language and Literature, and she has also published a novel herself. The system in Cambridge is totally different from what I was used to. Being in supervision with one professor alone has brought me forward in a way I could not have imagined back in Vienna. With the help of my supervisors I came to ask questions about literature I never asked before. In my spare time, I enjoyed Saturday brunch, took part in a German play, attended a Creative Writing Seminar, did day trips to London, travelled Southern England... People at the College are so friendly, and helpful and I love to laugh and chat with the porters. It is a place of free thought, of creativity in every sense and a place to work hard if you want to really achieve something in your subject. Describing my experience in three words: intense, progressive and funny.

Viktoria is a visiting postgraduate student in the Department of Chemistry; her terms in Cambridge will be credited towards her Master's thesis at ETH Zurich. My time here has been one of the best experiences of my life. I immersed myself in the typical traditions, punting on the Cam, Formal Hall Dinners, and the huge plethora of student societies. The unique College system allowed me to make long-lasting friendships and to share my enthusiasm for science with other students at the Graduate Research Day; the PostDoc event organized by the Graduate Tutor was a fantastic platform for interdisciplinary exchange. I received close individual support from several group leaders, which fostered deep thinking about the questions Nature makes us ask and showed how stimulating collaborations can be. For me, Cambridge represents inspiration, dedication and enlightenment – it is a place one never wants to leave!