In Easter term 2014, the Alumnae Association launched Nautilus, a new e-newsletter, to keep in touch with Lucy Cavendish College Alumnae. The e-newsletter will be sent out termly and feature College Crestalumnae news, events and information about what's happening in College.

Why ‘Nautilus’?
The nautilus, a complex and elusive marine mollusc with a characteristic spiral shell, has a special significance to Lucy Cavendish College as this beautiful creature was the research topic of Anna Bidder, the College founder. The nautilus has been inspirational to artists, writers, scientists and mathematicians across the centuries so the Alumnae Association thought that it would be a fitting title for their alumnae newsletter, which they hope will reflect the inspiration of Lucy Cavendish College to the varied lives and occupations of our past students.

You can read more about the history of our College and Anna Bidder here.