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Nautilus 12
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Welcome to the first Nautilus of this academic year – our twelfth edition. We have expanded in size since our beginnings, but our aim remains the same: to bring you news of our Lucy alumnae, some of whom you may remember from your time at the College, other names that will be new to you. The theme this time is Education and here we bring you five different perspectives on this challenging topic.  All of the writers have varied and interesting stories to share – remember, you don’t have to climb Everest, write a best-selling novel, or become a world-class academic or sportswoman for your life to be interesting to other alumnae. All our Lucy alums have their personal stories to tell, so keep sending them to us, please.

Judith Roberts (LCC, 1973), President of the Alumnae Association

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Primary Opportunity: Elizabeth Jurd

Elizabeth Jurd (Simms School Teacher Fellow; Education 2000) talks about life in the classroom and what brought her to Lucy Cavendish.

Trust in Teachers: Mathilde Whitburn

Mathilde Whitburn (Psychology and Education 2012) discusses the obstacles she faced when she began teaching in Belgium after graduating from Lucy Cavendish.

Pupil Guidance in the 1970's and 80's: Jean Cosslett

Jean Cosslett (Education 1971) talks about her experience of education in the 1970's and 80's.

Working with Inuit B.Ed. students: Michelle Baikie


Michelle Baikie (Education 2008) gives an update on her varied education and employment activities since leaving Lucy Cavendish.

Lucy Cavendish College and Education: Professor Sheelagh Drudy

Professor Sheelagh Drudy (Education 1974, Gulbenkian Research Fellow and Visiting Fellow 2008) discusses the key concepts of education and Lucy Cavendish College's contribution to women's higher education.


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