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Nautilus 10Fun being had by all at the Garden Party last year. See below for more information about this year's Garden Party on 16 June 2017. Photo credit: Helen Kirkby

Welcome to Nautilus 11, our final edition for this academic year. In this issue we celebrate a range of Lucy Cavendish Lawyers, who took up a variety of legal careers following their time at Cambridge. We are also happy to include a memoir by Jillinda Tiley, who was Director of Studies for Law during the time of all our contributors, and who is much loved and admired at Lucy Cavendish. We hope that you enjoy reading their stories.

Judith Roberts (LCC, 1973), President of the Alumnae Association

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Jillinda Tiley

Forty years of Law at Lucy: Jillinda Tiley

Jillinda Tiley, Emeritus Fellow and Former Director of Studies in Law, reflects on her memories of Law at Lucy since 1975.

Susy Jepson

Life After Lucy: Susy Jepson

Susy Jepson (Law, 1978) tells how her Lucy story began with a feature on Woman's Hour in 1975.

Jothi Reddy

Teaching Law in Hong Kong: Jothi Reddy

Jothi Reddy (Law, 1984) talks Lucy Cavendish, Hong Kong and respect for the rule of law.

Dorothy Heeneman

Reflections of a Law Lecturer: Dorothy Heeneman


Dorothy Heeneman (Law, 1981) discusses her law teaching career.

Jessie Ingle

Representing Women: Jessie Ingle

Jessie Ingle (Law, 2013) provides insight into her role, helping women achieve justice in the face of many difficult barriers.

Sulema Jahangir

Working to support stranded spouses: Sulema Jahangir


Sulema Jahangir (Law, 2000) discusses her role in supporting those spouses who find themselves separated from their families.


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