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Welcome to Nautilus 10 - you'll notice that we've increased the number of contributors and articles this term. It's so rewarding that alumnae, some of whom have been out of touch for quite a while, are offering to write for Nautilus. Everyone has a story to tell – be assured that your fellow alumnae would welcome the opportunity to read about you and your Life After Lucy. So, please keep sending us your articles.

Judith Roberts (LCC, 1973), President of the Alumnae Association

Click here to view the President's full introduction

Ingrid Dixon

Ingrid Dixon: The Shadow of War

Lucy empowers alumna Ingrid Dixon to pursue the complexities of family history.

Gill Heyworth

Life After Lucy: Gill Heyworth

Archaeology, anthropology, travel - and politics. Gill Heyworth (LCC, 1981) shares her Life After Lucy.

Dr Angela Morecroft

Dr Angela Morecroft: Vitaliano Donati and his Egyptian Adventures

How a polymath from Padua brought Egyptology to Turin.

Rachael Brock

Dr Louise Foxcroft:
Sex, Lives and History Books


How a feminist approach to history can bring a new perspective to women's lives.

US Flag

RIP, TEAR, AND SHRED: Higher Education in the United States in the era of Donald Trump

Dr Barbara Wittman, alumna (1976) and former Visiting Scholar (2011) offers a personal view on the state of affairs in President Trump's America.

Helen Gibson

Life After Lucy:
Helen Gibson


Lucy alumna Helen Gibson writes about her passion for historic buildings, including some which still survive from the days of the Knights Templar.

Royal Opera House

LCCAA visit to the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden

"We were enchanted by the splendours of the theatre, which has been re-gilded in the recent past and glowed with golden light."


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