Students of Lucy Cavendish are awarded their degrees at a ceremony at the University's Senate House.  The ceremony is called a Congregation.  Students who graduate at a Congregation are called Graduands and are presented to the Vice-Chancellor, or their deputy, by the College's Praelector.

A Graduand can choose to be awarded their degree 'in absence' or 'in person', and there are five Congregation Dates throughout the academic year at which Lucy Cavendish presents our GownGraduands 'in person'.

For a number of reasons you may not be able, or wish, to appear 'in person' for your graduation and if this is the case you can graduate 'in absence' at most Congregations during the academic year.  'In absence' Graduands do not attend a Congregation at the Senate House - their degree is awarded at the Congregation and a degree certificate is sent to the Graduand by post by the College shortly after the Congregation.

Whether you wish to graduate 'in person' or 'in absence' you must contact our Praelector's Secretary at least three weeks in advance of your chosen Congregation Date to register your interest.  The University gives the College a deadline for each Congregation and the names of all graduands who wish to attend a particular Congregation must be submitted to the University by that date, and it is not possible to add graduands to a Congregation after the University's deadline.

The College organises a reception for each of the five Congregations at which our Graduands can graduate 'in person', and Graduands are encouraged to bring family and friends to the reception to share their celebration.

When our Praelector's Secretary receives an email from you with your chosen graduation date, she will send you information about arrangements for your graduation, including Academical Dress, and how to book an unrestricted number of tickets for our College reception and up to three Senate House tickets for your guests.  The Praelector's Secretary will book your graduation with the University and will advise you on the Monday preceeding your graduation of the timetable for your graduation day.

Car parking is available at Lucy Cavendish for Graduands and their guests and directions to the College can be found here.

It is possible to make modifications to your Congregation.  The Trinitarian formula is usually used: 'in nomine Patris, et Filii et Spiritus Sancti', ie 'in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit'; however:

  • you may prefer 'in nomine Dei', ie 'in the name of God', or
  • you may prefer neither of the above.
  • for religious or medical reasons you may not wish to kneel.
  • you may wish another name other than your first name to be used, eg Mary JEAN Jones.

If you wish to make any exception to your Congregation please contact our Praelector's Secretary.