The University's website has detailed information about Academical Dress.  Graduands must follow the University's guidelines when choosing their outfit for graduation.  If you are unsure please check with a member of Tutorial Office.


Gowns and Hoods

Affiliated and Mature Undergraduates

You should wear the College undergraduate gown and the hood of the degree you are about to receive.


If you are already a graduate of the University of Cambridge, you should wear the gown and hood of the highest degree you have previously received from the University.

Not a graduate of the University of Cambridge

You should wear the gown appropriate to your status: either a BA status gown (23 years of age and under) or an MA status gown (24 years of age and over), and the hood of the degree that you are about to receive. If you are receiving more than one degree, you should wear the hood of the higher of the two degrees you are to receive.

If you already have a BA degree, but no higher degree than the B.Chir, and you are being admitted to the MB, you should wear the B.Chir gown and hood. It can happen, albeit rarely, that students receive two degrees at the same ceremony. In this instance please seek advice from the Praelector's secretary Sarah Thomas (

Gowns and hoods for graduation may be hired from any of the following shops in Cambridge:

A E Clothier, 7 Pembroke Street, Cambridge
Ede & Ravenscroft, 71/72 Trumpington Street, Cambridge
Ryder & Amies, 22 Kings Parade, Cambridge