Staff at Lucy Cavendish College MUST NOT attempt to migrate their email account at this time. Doing so is likely to cause multiple problems with the staff email set-up e.g. locally stored folders, email aliases and shared mailboxes. The Exchange Online service has yet to be properly analysed and the benefits and pitfalls are still not fully understood. It is important that we ensure that all of the email functionality currently provided for the College administrative staff can be handled by any new email system. Furthermore it is essential that any migration is carefully planned, managed and carried out in a coordinated manner. The IT Office will be reviewing Exchange Online and will advise staff in due course.

Whilst Students and Fellows (with the exception of Fellows holding College Offices) are not bound by the requirements of the administrative network and are therefore free to make their own decision about this they should be aware that until the IT Office have had adequate training and experience with Exchange Online the IT Office will not be able to provide support for anyone with the migration process or using Exchange Online and therefore will direct anyone with issues to the UIS Service Desk.