As a society, we value and celebrate children's literature - much like our college, as evidenced by the Founders Collection! We invite you to join us in enjoying and exploring the rich and diverse world of children’s literature as we run termly events that combine a creative and critical response to children’s literature (including a children’s literature themed supper and children’s literature formal hall). We also wish to raise the profile of children’s literature as a field of study, and will encourage and support members to co-organise book clubs and movie nights. 

We are working with the Library to build a new children’s fiction collection. Members of the College are invited to make requests for children’s fiction, YA fiction, comics/graphic novels, picturebooks and more by using the form on this page - click here (members only).


The Art of the Children's Book was held on Monday 20 February 2017

The Children's Literature Society Symposium was held on Wednesday 10th May, 2017, in conjunction with the Centre for Children's Literature and the Centre for Material Texts.

Jason Scott-Warren from the Centre of Material Texts wrote a blog post about the day - read it here.

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