A group of Lucy Cavendish students who enjoy watching period drama. We welcome you to join us on an evening to allow you to wind down from your day in a quiet yet sociable environment before bed or for a well deserved break before continuing to study. We hope to get together regularly to watch films or episodes of a series with some light nibbles and soft drinks. If you have something in mind that you want to watch which we do not have, we hope to buy the DVD which will be the property of the Lucy Cavendish SU DVD collection which can be borrowed by students at any time.

"Period drama or costume drama is a film or television show which incorporates a period piece in which elaborate costumes, sets and properties are featured in order to capture the ambience of a particular era. It is an informal, crossover term that can apply to several genres but is most often heard in the context of historical dramas and romances. e.g. Pride and Prejudice, Downton Abbey, Elizabeth, Wuthering Heights etc." - Wikipedia

We look forward to seeing you soon!

To get in touch, contact Cherish Watton (clw74@cam.ac.uk).