Studying at Cambridge can be challenging sometimes, especially around the exam period. We try our best to support students throughout the year by providing the following services.

Yoga and Mindfulness

Free mindfulness and yoga sessions are offered throughout the academic year, both during the week and at the weekend.

Take a Break

During exam term, we support you with special relaxation sessions. Previous sessions have included visits from puppies and ponies, free ice-cream, message, manicures and more.


Our pet guinea pigs also provide an incentive to take a break from studies, Students volunteer to look after them using a rota and many report that it makes them feel more at home here, and more relaxed.

Nurse, Counsellor and Vicar

You will find many people here to help support you.

The Lucy Cavendish College Nurse is Diana Lloyd.  The sickbay at Lucy Cavendish College is on the ground floor of Oldham Hall, and our College Nurse holds a drop-in surgery in the sickbay at the following times during Full Term: Tuesdays & Thursdays 9.30am - 11.00am.

In addition to the University Counselling Service (UCS) the college has a College-Based Counsellor based onsite at Lucy Cavendish on Tuesdays and Thursdays (term time only). The Service is free and available to all students at Lucy Cavendish.

Our College Vicar is Reverend Dr Janet Bunker and she is an Associate of the College and the Team Vicar of the Church of England parish in which Lucy Cavendish is situated.


The College strongly recommends that students with a disability consult the University’s Disability Resource Centre (DRC) and the College sends DRC forms to candidates as an enclosure with their offer letter so that they can make contact at an early stage if necessary.

The DRC will then, with the student’s permission, liaise with the College to ensure that special needs are provided for.  Within College, arrangements for the provision of special requirements are the responsibility of the student’s Tutor and the Disability Liaison Officer.  Information given to your Tutor will be entirely confidential unless permission is given for disclosure to specific people in College in order to ensure adequate provision.  Disclosure of a disability is essential if the College is to provide the necessary support, and early disclosure will help to ensure that special arrangements are in place as soon as possible.

New students requiring specially adapted accommodation must contact the Admissions Office at, and provide a letter from a medical practitioner specifying particular needs.  A request for specially adapted College accommodation cannot be considered without information from a medically qualified practitioner.

Tutors and Tutorial Office

Tutorial Office

The Tutorial Office works closely with the Senior Tutor and Tutors and members of the College to support students throughout their time at Lucy Cavendish.  We look after the essential things you need to know, day to day at College and we ensure students have information about funding opportunities, are entered for their exams, meet the obligations of their student visa, keep the necessary number of terms, and have proof of their student status should they need it, and ensure British, Irish, Commonwealth and European Union citizens are registered to vote as a student at Cambridge.  We arrange for you to matriculate as a member of the College and University promptly after your arrival in Cambridge, and we organise your graduation celebration when you finish your degree.  

Our team members have a wealth of knowledge and experience and can offer help and advice about a wide range of College and University matters. 

Senior Tutor

The Senior Tutor has overall responsibility for the academic progress, health and welfare of all students in the College.  She works with many others, both within the College and the University, for the benefit of our students and tries to keep the students informed of events and deadlines in College, the University and the city by use of frequent email messages.


Every student is allocated a Tutor, whose role it is to support students in any way possible for the duration of their course and afterwards.  Tutors can offer financial advice, act as liaison between students or can sometimes just listen to concerns.  Tutors also have detailed knowledge of support agencies in Cambridge and of grants and bursaries available through College and the University.  Tutors should be notified immediately in the event of illness or accidents and if necessary will liaise with Directors of Studies, or supervisors.  Tutors will also provide references (although you should ask permission before giving their names).  The Senior Tutor, circulates regular email messages to all students informing the student body of individual successes, college notices, University events, etc.  Sometimes these messages include important information, please read them!

Each student has the responsibility of keeping in touch with her Tutor and notifying her of any change in circumstances (e.g. addresses and contact number, etc).  All students should see their Tutor at the beginning of the Michaelmas term and all undergraduates should see their Tutor at the beginning and end of every term.  Tutors all have regular drop in sessions throughout full term and can also be contacted at any time by email.  Over weekends in full term there is always one Tutor available - the Porter's Lodge will have emergency contact details.

Director of Studies

Directors of Studies are responsible for overseeing the academic progress of Undergraduate students.  They act as a link between the University Faculties and Departments and the Colleges.  They will give advice about planning your course of study, appoint Supervisors, arrange the required number of supervisions, give advice about exam entries and dissertations and any other relevant academic matters.  You should arrange to see your Director of Studies at the start and end of every term.