‘Coerced Consent’ by Dr Kameri Christy and Dr Saradamoyee Chatterjee

Location: Wood-Legh Room, Strathaird, Lucy Cavendish College

Date(s): Thu 22 February - Thu 22 February

Time: 6:00 - 7:00

Event Details:

Please join us for an evening with Dr Kameri Christy and Dr Saradamoyee Chaterjee as they discuss domestic violence and human trafficking.

Dr. Christy will discuss intimate partner violence (IPV) in general, with a focus on the role and dynamics of coerced consent in IPV. She will also inform the audience regarding her current research project, findings to date and next steps for this project.

Dr Chatterjee will discuss the lack of autonomy of choice among women and coerced consent in organ donation, sex work, forced marriage and other areas of life, particularly in developing countries.

About Dr Kameri ChristyDr Kameri Christy & Saradamoyee Chatterjee

Dr. Kameri Christy is a social worker from University of AR and a recipient of Lucy Cavendish College Research Fellowship. She has worked with survivors of abuse and trauma for over 30 years, including working at a refuge for 4 years and in private practice for 12 years. Dr. Christy has served in many capacities, such as a policy advocate, refuge director, grant writer, scholar, and therapist. Additionally, she has conducted international IPV trainings, as well as having several scholarly manuscripts on the topic of IPV published. She has served as a research proposal reviewer of research proposals pertaining to IPV for the Hong Kong Grants Council for the past 5 years.  More recently, she has focused more specifically on economic issues/needs of women, with her latest article entitled “A Multi-Systems Life Course Perspective of Economic Abuse.”

About Dr Saradamoyee Chaterjee

Saradamoyee Chaterjee is based at the University of Cambridge. She is a Lucy Cavendish College Associate and an Academic Visitor to the Centre of Development Studies. Her research interests include human and organ trafficking, gender, capabilities and other development related issues. Prior to this, she worked as a post-doctoral research associate at the Von Hügel Institute, St Edmund's College, University of Cambridge. Her research was focused on the illegal organ trade in India.

Sarada completed PhD in Social Work from the University of Delhi and subsequently worked in academia in Delhi as well as in the development sector. She was a consultant to the UNDP India working on issues related to human trafficking and HIV/AIDS. She conducted several trainings and workshops in trafficking and HIV/AIDS in India.

Her recent academic work was on gender disparity in organ donation and integration of trafficked survivors in the UK.

Enquiries and booking:

All are welcome to attend this free event.

Please note, although College members are welcome to attend the Formal Hall which follows this talk, there is no obligation to do so. Please book Formal Hall places separately.

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