NEW DATE “Sex differences and autism” by Amber Ruigrok - Anna Bidder Research Evening

Location: Wood-Legh Room, Strathaird

Date(s): Wed 22 May - Wed 22 May

Time: 6:00 - 8:30

Event Details:


Lucy Cavendish College members and their guests are warmly invited to join Amber Ruigrok as she discusses her work on sex differences and autism.Amber Ruigrok

Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition characterised by difficulties with social communication and interaction as well as the presence of repetitive and stereotyped behaviours. Autism has previously found to be more common in men/boys than in women/girls. However, recent research shows that autism may be more common in women/girls than we initially thought. In this talk, Amber will explore recent theories and research that have led to the change in our understanding of sex differences in autism prevalence rates.

Enquiries and booking:

Please reserve your place at the talk using the button below.

Attendees of the talk (both College members and their guests) can also opt to attend refreshments and supper in the dining hall available before the event.

Drinks will be served from 6pm in the Reception Rooms above Warburton Hall. Supper with wine, or non-alcoholic alternative, is through the servery at 6.30pm.

Tables will be reserved in the dining hall, so please email Dr Henriette Hendriks, using to reserve your place(s) for drinks and supper. Payment for supper is by College card at the servery till, as usual. Those without a college card can pay for supper with cash through the till. Drinks are complimentary.

The talk will begin at 7.15pm.

Eventbrite - "Sex differences and autism" by Amber Ruigrok - Anna Bidder Research Evening

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