The Rise of The Humans: Dave Coplin

Location: Wood-Legh Room, Strathaird, Lucy Cavendish College

Date(s): Thu 15 March - Thu 15 March

Time: 6:00 - 7:00

Event Details:

Dave Coplin"Our continuing 20th century approach to work and life is fast approaching the point where it can no longer support the pressures of a world where seemingly infinite devices and infinite data compete for our finite time and attention. Without fundamentally changing our definition of productivity, or changing our working habits, the ability to work smarter is simply untenable, leaving only the prospect of working harder in order to be able to survive. 

Through this session, we’ll see how to unlock future success for individuals and organisations by reinventing productivity, moving its focus from the process of work and turning it into something fit for purpose for the 21st century world of work. This is not simply a story of smarter working, but is instead about the incredible transformational potential that is unleashed when people are actively engaged and empowered to achieve more both for themselves and their organisations."

About Dave Coplin

Dave Coplin is Chief Envisioning Officer at The Envisioners, author, broadcaster and alchemist.  Technology geekdom is in Dave’s DNA. A life-long Star Trek fan and a former Crystal Maze winner, he inspires, enthuses and entertains.   His mission is to help you to think differently and creatively, focusing not on technology, but on the humans who use it. Dave has a tell-it-as-he-sees-it style and a light-hearted approach. His clients include Google, Facebook, Nickelodeon and Vodafone.

Enquiries and booking:

Online booking will be available from 12th February 2018 at 11am

Please note, although College members are welcome to attend the Formal Hall which follows this talk, there is no obligation to do so. Please book Formal Hall places separately.

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