Twists and turns: How proteins fold, and how I came to my research career

Location: Lucy Cavendish College

Date(s): Thu 10 March - Thu 10 March

Time: 6:00 - 7:00

Event Details:

Professor Jane ClarkeJane Clarke is the Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Senior Wellcome Trust Research Fellow in the Department of Chemistry. In this talk she will explore the failure of proteins to fold correctly, which is at the heart of many diseases including Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. She will describe some of the fundamental investigations of how proteins fold and avoid misfolding. She will also explain how she came, almost by accident, to her research career (she did not start her PhD until she was 40). Jane will also discuss the obstacles she encountered and why she is passionate to ensure that girls and young women have every opportunity to have a career in science.

This event is part of Cambridge Science Festival 2016.

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