Jane ShemiltShortlisted 2012 entrant, Jane Shemilt, on book and TV deals, and research trips to Botswana

Jane Shemilt was shortlisted for the Lucy Cavendish fiction prize in 2012. She says: “I so clearly remember the evening, starting with the sunny drive up from Bristol with my husband (who had, exceptionally, left his post as a busy neurosurgeon for an early evening start, so it already felt like a special day!)

“It was wonderful to meet Professor Todd [Lucy Cavendish’s President] and the judges, including Dr Maddison and Rowena Pelling. It was also really great to sit opposite Sophie Hannah, and talk to all the other writers there too. The evening ended with drinks in Professor Todd's rooms, and a lovely chance to meet and mingle then as well.

“Being shortlisted for the Lucy Cavendish prize has stood me in very good stead; I was taken on by the Eve White literary agency shortly afterwards and went on to secure a two book deal with Penguin for the same book, now called "Daughter". Penguin are publishing it on August 14th this year.

“I also have a two book deal with Blanvalet, an imprint of Random House in Germany, with the House of Books in Holland and with Harper Collins in the U.S.

Very excitingly, Justin Thomson-Glover, the executive director of "The Fall" a high-quality, gritty drama on BBC1 last Autumn, has just taken out a rights option with a view to developing it, and taking it to the BBC.

“I am now writing my second book which is partly set in Botswana, giving me the wonderful excuse for research out there; I spent some of December at a little school on the edge of the Kalahari, at medical clinics and a wonderful Botswanean wedding.

“Lots of good things are happening and I am very grateful for that endorsement of being short listed for the Lucy Cavendish prize, which I am sure helped launch my manuscript of "Daughter" on its exciting journey!”