About Annette Gordon

Annette Gordon is a Scottish-Spanish Brit, born and brought up in London. Before the age of eight she was a member of four libraries, including the mobile one, and has never stopped being Annette Gordongrateful for access to free books.

She was educated at Homerton College, Cambridge, where she read English and Education, then went on to work in television, in factual entertainment and observational documentary, and has been a TV Series Producer and Director for eighteen years. During that time she’s been writing scripts and proposals for television, but also secretly writing novels then hiding them where no one can find them, including Annette herself.

She’s travelled and worked abroad extensively, clocking up a wide range of bizarre and fascinating experiences that include sailing the Atlantic at seventeen, to directing the Mexican army and several World Cup footballers she didn’t recognise, at high altitude, whilst stricken with Montezuma’s revenge. She enjoys light and shade in her writing and reading, and believes the future resides in a story.

Currently, she’s mentored by the novelist Jill Dawson, via her company Gold Dust, and is in the middle of re-writing another novel. I AM YOU is set in the 1980’s and the present day, and is about David Sherringham, an astro-physicist and TV presenter, who when his career is threatened by historic accusations of statutory rape, remembers his first love Nina, the long-denied secrets and failures of the past, and his rivalry with older brother Adrian.

Annette lives in London and France.

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When I was loved - Synopsis

Alice is stalked by mistakes and ex-husband Karl, an obsessive sociopath and middle-aged banker that she married for money. Even though she has been divorced for almost three years, Karl periodically disrupts her life, determined to make her suffer for rejecting him and having the affair that produced her four year old son, Olly.

Secretive and insecure, Alice meets John, a brash self-made businessman and small-scale property developer from Liverpool. His passionate pursuit forces Alice to confront issues of trust, confidence and fear. Soon she is torn between the conflicting possibilities that John might be the jolt she needs to live more bravely, or her worst nightmare revisited.

For a while the pair embark on the kind of affair that Alice thinks she understands, one based on money. However, as the days go by, it’s obvious that John has fallen deeply in love, though Alice continues to be wary and guarded about her past life. Meanwhile, the ever-watchful Karl tightens his grip on Alice’s life and psyche, and includes the destruction of John’s business within his campaign of retribution and control.

When I Was Loved is a novel about survival, control and trust, the balance and flow of money in relationships, and the complex psychology of love.