Tracy Kuhn is a freelance writer who lives in York. She's been writing since she was a child, when she was told she had too much imagination, but she has only recently started to take herself Tracey Kuhnseriously as a writer. She has had a couple of short stories published in various magazines, as well as non-fiction articles. She has a flash fiction story in an anthology, ‘100 RPM – One Hundred Stories Inspired By Music’ and is a regular contributor to the online magazine, 'Women Writers, Women's Books'. She has also recently had her modern fairy story published in the Londonist magazine, in conjunction with the British Academy Literary Week. Tracy also has a blog, in which she takes a light-hearted view of what it means to be a modern feminist.

'After Dark' is a YA novel set on a remote Scottish island that has a dark secret. It is Tracy's first novel and she is thrilled to be on the shortlist for the Lucy Cavendish Prize.

Download the first 30 pages of the novel.

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