Epitaph for Sir Lawrence Tanfield

Elizabeth, Lady Tanfield (1585-1639)

Read by Hannah Schühle-Lewis, English, 2011

Elizabeth Cary (née Tanfield), Viscountess Falkland (1585–1639), was an English poet, translator and dramatist. Precocious and studious, she was known from a young age for her learning and knowledge of languages.

Self-educated, Elizabeth became proficient in a number of languages. According to her biographer, Elizabeth’s voracious reading was strenuously opposed by her mother and she was reduced to buying candles from a maid so that she could continue studying at night, privately in her room.

She is best known today as the author of “The Tragedie of Mariam, the Faire Queen of Jewry” (1613), the first original play known to have been written by a woman. (1585–1639).


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