Launching a start-up with Accelerate Cambridge

We caught up with Sioned Davies, whose award-winning idea was accepted by the Accelerate Cambridge programme.

Lucy Cavendish Nautilus Network

Connect with Lucy Cavendish Graduates doing Research

Captaining the Blues Football Team

Linnea Gradin is Captain of the women's Blues football team. We caught up with her about the team, captaincy, and the importance of football.

How Can Technology Improve Cancer Research?

Annalise Occhipinti asks how technology improves medical research.

Cambridge Women’s Psychogeography Project

A request to our readers from Christine Pungong, the current Welfare & Rights Officer at Cambridge University Students' Union and the Graduate Union.


The Cavanaugh confirmation was a sad day for women in the United States, but there is room for optimism.

How to write a short story – and win the Student Fiction Prize

Our Student Fiction Prize is open for entries, so here's some advice to help you write a winning short story.

The Sun: Living With Our Star at the Science Museum

Setting the Foundation for Navigating the Business and Technology World

While a strong family upbringing and a strong undergraduate experience were as important, my time at Lucy Cavendish College and the Judge Business School was transformative

Digitisation and its Discontents: Why the Internet Eats Our Energy - and How to Stop It.

Alumna Florence Hazrat (LC 2008) Challenges us to rethink digital storage and energy usage

Magic or methodology? Artificial Intelligence for the Modern Academic

Lucy Cavendish alumnae tackle artificial intelligence

An Interview with our new President, Madeleine Atkins

Alumnae Association President Judith Roberts sits down with new Lucy Cavendish President, Madeline Atkins CBE, FAcSS

Welcome to Nautilus 15

Welcome to the 15th edition of Nautilus, featuring a range of contributions that we hope you will enjoy reading.

An Invitation to Downing Street

I attended a Black History Month Reception at 10 Downing Street to mark the UN International Decade for people of African Descent

The Cavendish Chronicle at work again: be part of our adventure!

The Cavendish Chronicle is working on our exciting Michaelmas edition, but we need your help.

What happened at the inaugural Lucy Cavendish Creative Writing Course?

We gathered to learn from the best..

Changing the game for diversity in STEM

On 21st and 22nd September, I co-organised STEM Gamechangers to discuss what it will take to create a paradigm shift towards diversity in STEM

Studying Medicine at Lucy and winning a grant from the Women’s Careers Foundation

I’m just starting my second year of the Graduate Medicine course at Lucy Cavendish and have been awarded a grant from the Women’s Careers Foundation towards my studies.

On winning a prize for my presentation at a Royal College of Psychiatrists conference

I had to present to approximately a hundred and twenty consultant psychiatrists and I'd previously never presented to more than ten other students

May Bumps to be proud of!

LCCBC President April Bowman writes about a great performance on the river

From Lucy to Medea: a Journey in Myth

Barbara Bollig talks about her passion for literature, particularly Medea from Greek Mythology

My journey from Lucy into Commercial Law

Stephanie Ma studied Law at Lucy Cavendish before returning to Hong Kong to start her career

Journey to the West

Jennifer Ellis talks about her work as a gallerist and arts non-profit founder based in London and Hong-Kong

Alumnae Association prize-winner 2017-8

Julia won the Alumnae Association Prize for Academic Excellence following her research on disabled children and education in Colombia

How my time at Lucy handed me a lot more than a Law degree

Sofia Maroudia talks about her fascinating career which led her to become Chief Operating Officer of ActionAid Italy

Negotiating for Profit vs Negotiating for Peace

Teresa Ma talks about her varied and interesting career from negotiating high profile mergers to working on peace projects

Welcome to Nautilus 14

Welcome to the Easter Term edition of Nautilus, where we are featuring six Lucians who have made their post-Lucy careers overseas


On our final day of Your Library Loves You, we hope to encourage you to keep learning and trying new things.


Day 3 of our Your Library Loves You series looks at Awareness, or how the Library can help you to live life mindfully.

YOUR LIBRARY LOVES YOU: Day 2 Exercising - taking care of your body

Day 2 Exercising - taking care of your body

Your Library Loves You!

You may have already come across Love Your Library week which usually runs in February, but this year we thought we’d turn it on its head and spread the love.

We’ve won the ice cream, now let’s show them that we’re capable of REAL change!

SU Green Officer on how we can all support Switch Off Week from 5 to 11 March

Welcome to Nautilus 13

Welcome to Nautilus 13 where we continue to feature interesting articles from our alumnae

The Lucy Writers’ Platform

Introducing the exciting Lucy Writers' Platform launching later this year

Cavendish Chronicle

Find out all about the Cavendish Chronicle from Editor, Hollie Wells

Time is up: Not just Harvey Weinstein

Alumna Barbara Wittman writes about her personal views on the history of sexual harassment

Using Research and Collaborations with Police Departments to Understand and Fight Crime

Alumna Bryanna Fox talks about her exciting career fighting crime

A Change of Perspective

Alumna Ruth Haynes talks about her varied career from a Social Worker in the Caribbean to the Parole Board in the UK

Police, Prisons and Civil Society

Dame Anne Owers, Honorary Fellow of Lucy Cavendish talks about the importance of independent oversight in prisons and the police

Dame Stella Rimington - In Conversation with Judith Roberts

Alumnae Association President Judith Roberts interviews Dame Stella Rimington, the first female Director General of MI5

My experience here as a Visiting Student

Studying here feels like being welcomed with open arms

A Blues win before the Varsity netball game

It's an exciting time for netball with TV coverage and Varsity on the way...

Introducing Leona

Meet our new Recruitment and Outreach Officer

Life as a part-time student at Lucy Cavendish

Being a part-time student is not without its difficulties but I do feel supported here

Breaking the Silence and extending our support

Our SU Women’s Officer gives her take on the University campaign to break the silence

On Donning (Pirate) Hats and Catching Crabs

Blog by rowing novice, Research Fellow and Totally Enthusiastic Aquatic Maniac

Why I Row

I am not a natural morning person but this Michaelmas Term I am novicing for the Lucy Cavendish College Boat Club

Welcome to Nautilus 12

Welcome to the first Nautilus of this academic year

Lucy Cavendish College and Education

Sheelagh Drudy discusses the key concepts of education and Lucy Cavendish College's contribution to women's higher education

Working with Inuit B.Ed. students

Michelle Baikie gives an update on her varied education and employment activities since leaving Lucy Cavendish

Pupil Guidance in the 1970’s and 80’s

Jean Cosslett talks about education in the 1970's and 80's

Trust in Teachers

Mathilde Whitburn talks about the obstacles she faced when she began teaching

Primary Opportunity

Elizabeth Jurd talks about her teaching experiences and what brought her to Lucy Cavendish

Research into the effect of changing climate and environment on Indus Civilisation settlements

The photo journal of a PhD research adventure in NW India

Sit down, shut up and listen to minority voices

A blog from our newly elected Students' Union BME Officer

Running a half marathon for all PSP patients

As a PhD student focusing on Progressive Supranuclear Palsy I wanted to do more to help

New ergs and new rowers

The ergs have arrived and have been set up in the beautiful, new gym!

Working for a marine conservation project in Kenya

I spent the summer helping the Kuruwitu Conservation and Welfare Association in Kenya

Hosting a workshop on developing children’s literature collections

Lucy Cavendish College Library hosted a workshop on developing children’s literature collections, attended by fifteen students from the University of Washington.

The end of a three year rollercoaster ride

We’ve travelled together on a memorable, action-packed and special journey.

Starting out as Outreach and Recruitment Officer

I’m looking forward to continuing working here over the summer as the temporary Outreach and Recruitment Officer at Lucy Cavendish College

HHLCCBC women are ready for May Bumps!

Everyone’s favourite term for rowing is nearly over, but not before May Bumps take place next week!

Working to Support Stranded Spouses: Sulema Jahangir

Sulema Jahangir (Law. 2000) discusses her role in supporting those spouses who find themselves separated from their families.

Representing Women in Employment Law

Jessie Ingle (Law, 2013) provides insight into her role, helping women achieve justice in the face of many difficult barriers.

Reflections of a Law Lecturer in Cambridge and Beyond

Dorothy Heeneman (Law, 1981) discusses her law teaching career.

Life After Lucy: Susy Jepson

Susy Jepson (Law, 1978) tells how her Lucy story began with a feature on Woman's Hour in 1975.

Teaching Law in Hong Kong

I came away from Lucy Cavendish with the feeling that all things were possible. I still feel the same today.

Forty Years of Law at Lucy Cavendish

Some Reflections from Jillinda Tiley, Emeritus Fellow and former Director of Studies for Law

Welcome to Nautilus 11

Welcome to Nautilus 11, our final edition for this academic year.

Running a friendly and international society

I was in touch with Cambridge University Arab Society before I started at Lucy Cavendish and now I'm its President

Creating the cartoon series Cambridge Struggles

I have always liked drawing and sketching and I have created a little series of cartoons called Cambridge Struggles

Becoming President of the Marlowe Society

I'd really like to encourage Lucy students to consider becoming involved in Cambridge theatre, particularly graduate students - there's room for everyone!

See you on the other side…

Easter greetings from our resident student blogger Cherish Watton

CamAWiSE: Connecting and Inspiring Women in STEM

I truly believe CamAWiSE is place to connect and inspire women in STEM, at any stage of their career.

A brilliant day for HHLCCBC’s W2 at Women’s Eights Head of the River Race

Being part of the largest female rowing race in the world is something so special and it will never leave us!

Building Bridges in Medical Sciences Conference 2017 - A reflection

Being part of the BBMS organising committee is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

First report from new President of RAG

I’m proud to be Lucy Cavendish College’s first Sabbatical student officer!

Join our creative community!

The Lucy Cavendish Art Society hosted its first big painting social event on Thursday 16th February

Welcome to Nautilus 10

Lucy Cavendish Alumnae Association visit to the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden

"We were enchanted by the splendours of the theatre, which has been re-gilded in the recent past and glowed with golden light."

Sex, Lives and History Books

Alumna Dr Louise Foxcroft (LCC, 1992, 2000) discusses how a feminist approach to history can bring a new perspective to women's lives

The Shadow of War

Lucy empowers Alumna Ingrid Dixon (LCC, 1992) to pursue the complexities of a family history

Life after Lucy: Helen Gibson

A Lucy alumna and her passion for historic buildings

Life After Lucy: Gill Heyworth

Archaeology, anthropology, travel - and politics, by alumna Gill Heyworth (LCC, 1981)

RIP, TEAR, AND SHRED: Higher Education in the United States in the era of Donald Trump

Dr Barbara Wittman, alumna (1976) and Former Visiting Scholar (2011) offers a personal view on the state of affairs in President Trump's America.

Dr Angela Morecroft: Vitaliano Donati and his Egyptian Adventures

How a polymath from Padua brought Egyptology to Turin

Four crews compete at Pembroke Regatta for HHLCCBC

Brilliant performance by the boat club last weekend at Pembroke Regatta

The Art of the Children’s Book event is a sell-out success

Almost 60 people gathered to discuss illustrations in children's literature

Alumna Tamsin Wimhurst discovers The David Parr House

Tamsin Wimhurst (MSt History, 2005) stumbled across an incredible local history project, which quickly started to take over her life.

Rowing off the Cam at the Bedford Head

For many of our rowers, last weekend was the first opportunity to race on a different river.

Using augmented reality in construction engineering

I am trying to automate progress monitoring inspection for buildings under construction using augmented reality

Children’s Literature Formal Hall

Last week the Lucy Cavendish Children's Literature Society held a Formal Hall around the theme of food in Children's Literature

Lucy Cavendish students lead rugby team at Twickenham

The College was proud to see two students leading the Cambridge University Women’s Rugby Team in the Varsity match against Oxford at Twickenham at the end of last year.

Benefits and challenges for mature students at Lucy Cavendish

Being a mature student has a lot of advantages, especially when you are in an environment that supports you as well as Lucy’s does...

Wishing blog readers a happy and healthy holiday season

Bridgemas is well and truly upon us...

Which are the next walls to fall - in finance? By alumna Alexandra Dobra.

I have been selected as a finalist to present my innovative idea at the Falling Walls Lab Finale in Berlin – The brightest minds on the planet

Welcome to Nautilus 9

The new Alumnae Association President, Judith Roberts, welcomes readers to the latest edition of Nautilus

A Message from Across the Pond

Dr Barbara Wittman, alumna (1976) and Former Visiting Scholar (2012), writes about her recent visit to the College

Explore the basement of the Library - a place to study and relax

This summer has seen the refurbishment of our library, in response to user feedback

Drama in Cambridge

Alice Carlill, a current student, writes about her experience of theatre in Cambridge and beyond

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