Alumna donates photo of Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan

9 November 2017

Alumna, journalist and disability campaigner Selina Mills (MPhil,1997) has donated a photo of two inspirational women, Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan to the College. The picture is now hanging in the President’s Office.

Helen Adams Keller (27 June 1880 – 1 June 1968) was an American author, political activist, and lecturer. She was the first deaf-blind person to earn a BA degree. Annie Sullivan was her teacher and lifelong companion, who helped Keller to overcome the many obstacles in her path to education despite herself being blind.

Selina said:

“I think it’s important to have mentors (dead or alive!) and I hope that this photo will remind Lucy students that education is essential and achievable, regardless of disability.

Helen Keller attended Harvard (Radcliffe) at a time when women were not accepted easily into higher education. The fact that she was blind, deaf and mute, did not curtail her desire to live life fully and with passion – something Lucy Cavendish helped install in me.”

College President Jackie Ashley said:

“We are very grateful to Selina for this generous gift, which will be an inspiring reminder of two women meeting and living with the challenges of disability and working together with the goal of higher education.”

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