Fellow Dr Helen Roche hits the headlines with German conference

27 October 2016

Fellow and Tutor Dr Helen Roche presented at a conference in Germany last week and made a surprise appearance on the front cover of a local newspaper called Nordhauser Wochen Chronik. The original article can be read here and a rough translation of the article is included below.

Dr Roche said: "It was a huge honour to be the only British speaker at the Jena conference, and to appear in the local media in Thüringen. Both the conference paper and my first German public lecture were extremely well received, and I very much hope that this will open doors for future international collaboration."

Translation of article in Nordhauser Wochen Chronik:

Napola Ilfeld and other Nazi Elite-schools in Central Germany: A visit from the United Kingdom of Great Britain

Research by the young British historian Dr. Helen Roche provides proof positive that local history topics needn't be of purely regional interest, but can also make an important contribution to the general historical picture. As part of her investigations into elite schools under National Socialism, Roche was able to obtain new insights for her book on the National Political Educational Institutes during an archival research-trip in central Germany.

The theories and conclusions of Roche's research on the support of elite youth in the 19th and 20th centuries - cadet-schools and Napolas
- tap into the generally well-known conclusions of research in education-history. Roche has received support from funding bodies such as the German Academic Exchange Service, and a Research Fellowship from Lucy Cavendish College at the University of Cambridge, where she
is currently a lecturer.

The college was founded in 1965 and considers itself part of a tradition which not only involves helping committed young women to
attain degrees, but also to support them from an early stage in their own careers as researchers.

In her talk, Dr. Helen Roche will speak about Nazi elite schools in central Germany and, in this context, will also go into detail about the Napola Ilfeld, which took over the former monastic school, now the Neander-Clinic Harzwald. If the opportunity arises, the historian will also introduce her book "Sparta's German Children" and important articles on education history or Germany's "Zero hour". The speaker is fluent in German and will therefore give her lecture in German.

The Nordhausen Society for History and Antiquity cordially invites you to this special lecture on Monday 24th October at 19.30, which will
take place in the Museum Tabakspeicher. Those with an interest in history are cordially invited, and entrance is, as ever, free.

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