Lucy Cavendish renews its ANUK ‘assured accommodation’ accreditation

31 October 2019

Like many other Cambridge University colleges, Lucy Cavendish’s accommodation is regulated through a scheme run by Accreditation Network UK (ANUK). The National Codes ‘assured accommodation’ accreditation ensures that students are kept safe and informed about everything from health and safety to energy saving and recycling initiatives whilst staying here.

In registering with the ANUK accreditation scheme, the College undertakes that:

  • All the accommodation registered with ANUK meets the standards and accords with the procedures set out by ANUK.
  • An appropriate complaints procedure is in place, integrated into normal College practices with a procedure for reporting to ANUK on any significant complaints relating to the Code.
  • The College's management of its student accommodation in relation to the scheme will be subject to peer review.

ANUK 'best practice' ideas

Lucy Cavendish College was inspected this week as part of a peer-to-peer system which ensures the Collage adheres to all the principles of the Code.

The Lead Verifier said:

“The amount of information provided before the inspection was impressive and enabled the visit itself to be extremely thorough. Also having all the information regarding the legislative and safety compliance in one place, with the key personnel on hand to explain each section, was very welcome and informative.

Lucy Cavendish is in very safe hands with your staff, policies, procedures and implementation. I was also very impressed with the amount of information you provide to your student body and will be taking some of these ideas and sharing with others as ‘best practice’.

I can confirm that following the reverification visit to Lucy Cavendish on Wednesday 30 October that the College will be able to continue being a member of the National Code and you should be incredibly proud of all the work you and your team have done.”

Christine Houghton, Lucy Cavendish College’s Domestic Bursar, said:

“This great outcome is testament to the pride our staff take in making sure that our students are safe, informed and satisfied with their housing. Accreditation by the scheme shows that we get the fundamentals of living here absolutely right.”

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