We’re supporting 10 additional postdocs in 2019-20 irrespective of gender. Come and thrive at Lucy.

30 August 2019

Opening for Lucy Cavendish College Postdoctoral Research Associates

  • Are you a postdoctoral researcher at Cambridge University and looking for an affiliation with a college?
  • Are you passionate about finding solutions to the complex challenges facing us in the 21st Century, both within and outside academia?
  • Are you looking for a college with the same vision and values?

If so, Lucy may be the College for you!

Supporting the careers of 10 additional postdocs

For more than 50 years, Lucy Cavendish College fulfilled a need in the University and wider society as a College for mature women. Whilst we continue to welcome, encourage and support applications from women over 21, the College recognised a need to widen its focus to ensure that bright students of all ages, backgrounds and genders have the opportunity to study here. Following a period of consultation within the College, our Governing Body voted to become a mixed, standard-age-entry College from October 2021.

In line with this change to our student admissions policy, we will be accepting full fellows regardless of their gender from the start of the 2019-2020 academic year. The College will also support the careers of 10 additional Postdoctoral Research Associates – again, irrespective of gender.

We thus invite applications from all University of Cambridge postdoctoral researchers with excellent academic track-records who can demonstrate potential leadership, entrepreneurship, creativity and resourcefulness in addressing the complex challenges of the 21st Century, either within or outside of their academic career to date. We are also looking for individuals who are keen to contribute to the College and so a history of being involved with, for example, clubs and societies or other community activities would strengthen your application.

What Lucy offers you:

  • A thriving postdoc community with broad interests and active participation in College life, including the graduate and postdoc Podium seminar series and social events (BBQ, film nights)
  • Invitations to College functions
  • Dining in College at subsidised junior fees
  • Use of College facilities such as the café, gym and bar
  • Ability to book guest rooms
  • Use of College library
  • Use of fellows’ computers and Senior Combination Room

Aishwarya Jacob quote about being a postdoc at Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge

How to apply:

Applications from postdocs in all subjects are welcomed and should include:

  • A statement of current and planned research (not more than 1,000 words).
  • A statement of your interest, any experience, and ideas on addressing at least one 21st Century challenging issue (not more than 500 words).
  • A statement of how you would seek to contribute to the College community (not more than 500 words).
  • A Curriculum Vitae including details of your current postdoc position on no more than two sides of A4 paper.
  • One academic reference to be mailed directly to the Vice-President at henriette.hendriks@lucy.cam.ac.uk.

Application deadline:

Applications must be received by 17:00 on Friday 20 September. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview in which they will be asked to give a five-minute talk about their research and demonstrate how they meet the criteria set out above. They will also be invited to an informal event with the current postdocs.

Applications and references should be emailed to the Vice-President, Henriette Hendriks: henriette.hendriks@lucy.cam.ac.uk

Don't take it from us:

"Lucy Cavendish provides a warm and welcoming environment for postdocs to thrive and is a great platform for their voices to be heard as an integral part of the University of Cambridge community. In the past, the College’s interest in addressing significant challenges has been primarily directed toward the support of mature women: their education and career both within and outside academia. In doing so, Lucy Cavendish has historically fostered an excellent network of women scholars keen to make a difference in the global community. However, starting this year, Lucy Cavendish will open its door to all academics in their global 21st Century mission toward achieving a prosperous and sustainable future for all regardless of age, background, race, gender or orientation.

The college has graciously invited postdoctoral researchers to be part of this exciting endeavour and has provided the essential tools for us to express ourselves. For example, aside from the perks such as access to College resources and subsidised meals, we, the postdoctoral affiliates are strongly encouraged to integrate with College life via joint research seminars, formal dining, symposia and social activities with the students, fellows and faculty of the College. The College is also deeply supportive of creative endeavours in public outreach arenas and the formation of collaborative networks with outside agencies as well as with other Cambridge University colleges. As such the years ahead promise to be very colourful and exciting for the Lucy Cavendish postdocs and we hope you will join us for the ride!"

- Aishwarya Jacob

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