Lucy Cavendish College launches unique poetry project with a science perspective

7 August 2019

The Poets and Scientists taking part in Connections

The Connections project, in partnership with AstraZeneca, brings together scientists, poets, school children, students and the general public in a one-off inter-disciplinary event.

The atmosphere was buzzing at an introductory meeting, held on 27 July, where four of the eight poets taking part were matched with four of the eight scientists to work together in pairs to create poems on the theme Science Connections and the Brain. The sixteen creative minds come from the broadest range of backgrounds to stimulate their understanding of completely different fields of study and to ensure fresh and innovative results.

Dr Jane Greatorex, Senior Tutor at Lucy Cavendish College said:

“This is a wonderful project for us to be hosting. It was very exciting to see the poets and scientists being paired up and promising to hear so many creative ideas already coming to light. By inviting students and schools to take part in the project we’ll have an incredibly diverse range of poems to share at the event in October.”

Khairani Barokka is Poet-in-Residence, Modern Poetry in Translation and PhD Researcher, Goldsmiths Visual Cultures is one of the poets taking part in the project. She said:

“I had such a lovely time learning about Dr Peter Jones' research, and already have ideas for the poetry-I’m so excited to be a part of this project!

At a College hosted event on 26 October, each Poet-Scientist pair will deliver their poem and explain the research behind it. The event will be cross-disciplinary in all senses: science meets art and creative writing; imaginative interpretation and reinterpretation of the connections between the brain, poetry and scientific disciplines. 

Lucy Cavendish students and local school children have also been invited to prepare their own interpretations of the theme and will have the opportunity to present their work on the 26 October alongside each Poet-Scientist pair. A printed and digital book of the poems arising from the project will also be available to buy.

To book a place at the event on 26th October click here

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