Lucy welcomes new Emeritus Fellow Dr David Carter

6 November 2019

Dr Carter is the previous Bursar of Lucy Cavendish and a continuing supporter of the College. David is the first male to become a Fellow at Lucy following the wide ranging changes now underway in the College.

He has thanked the President and the College community for what he described as a ‘signal honour’ and for the trust shown in him. He expressed “his surprise and delight at the appointment”.

Bursar from 2006-10, David spoke of his deep respect for Lucy’s unique contribution over the years in seeking out and supporting students who would otherwise never have come to Cambridge to study and who might otherwise not have achieved their true potential. He warmly welcomes the College’s decision to diversify its community further and in ways that are true to its ideals and which will have a positive impact on society.

Just as Lucy Cavendish College has had a less than conventional history, so it is true of its new Emeritus Fellow. David grew up in Africa, did his undergraduate studies in Wales and only finished his PhD, in South African political history, when pursuing his itinerant career in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. He became Deputy Ambassador in Britain’s Missions in South Africa and India and High Commissioner in Bangladesh.

On leaving the Diplomatic Service David returned to academia as a Deputy Director of the Centre for Studies in Security and Diplomacy at Birmingham University.

David then had what he describes as four ‘not to be missed, eventful’ years of re-education at Lucy before retiring.

He pursues his passion for distant travel, most recently in the south Pacific, and is a volunteer with the Crisis organisation for the homeless.

President Madeleine Atkins commented on his appointment:

“The community here at Lucy Cavendish College will benefit from David’s vast experience and from his support. I am personally very excited that he has joined us once again in our journey”

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