Meet our students

21 August 2017

Choosing a College is difficult, and new students often say that they find it hard to imagine what life will be like here before they arrive.

Every day this week we'll publish short films of our students talking about their experiences of coming to Cambridge. Each student talks about how they felt before coming here, and how they found their feet once here. One by one, the films will appear on our website here and we hope they will provide useful information and reassurance for new students, and for people considering an application.

If you are considering applying to Lucy Cavendish College, please find more information on our Admissions pages here.

Many thanks to all the students who agreed to share their stories:

April (PhD Engineering). Film here.

Hollie (1st year, English)

Isabelle (1st year, HSPS)

Jessica (PhD, English)

Shoko (3rd year, Medicine)

Rowing Club members (all years and subjects)

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