New Fellows for the New Academic Year

3 October 2017

Lucy Cavendish College is delighted to welcome several new Fellows and a new Senior Associate this academic year.

Academic Fellows

Dr Mary Brazelton is a University Lecturer in Global Studies of Science, Technology and Medicine. She is currently completing a book manuscript that examines the history of mass immunization in modern China. Her research interests lie broadly in historical intersections of clinical medicine, the life sciences and public health, in China and around the world. She received her PhD in History from Yale and has taught at Tufts University. 


Dr Amber Ruigrok is a researcher at the Autism Research Centre, Department of Psychiatry. Amber's PhD research investigated how testosterone and variation in the androgen receptor may be involved in the development of sex differences in human brain white matter in the typically developing population. Based on these findings and previous work on sex differences in autism brain structure, her current research mostly focusses on sex differences in brain structure in typically developing individuals and individuals with autism. She is also very interested in network organisation and how this changes across development, and particularly how puberty influences brain maturation.


Research Fellows

Dr Emma Liu works at the Department of Earth Sciences and specialises in volcanos. Her research focuses on constraining the magmatic processes during magma ascent that govern the magnitude and impact of volcanic emissions: her PhD research investigated the physical mechanisms responsible for the generation of volcanic ash, whilst her current postdoctoral work explores the chemical controls on the outgassing of sulfur and metals, and the implications for the global sulfur cycle. Emma has been awarded a Leverhulme Fellowship for three years, to continue her research on volcanic sulphur and metal  emissions, and further develop drone-based sampling methods.


Dr Sarah Morgan is our Henslow Research Fellow. Sarah has a PhD in physics and works at the Cambridge Brain Mapping Unit with Professor Ed Bullmore, studying human MRI brain images using graph theoretical approaches. In particular, her research focuses on identifying graph theoretical biomarkers to diagnose and predict disease trajectories for individuals with schizophrenia based on their MRI brain scans. This work is part of a large EU project called PSYSCAN. More generally, Sarah is interested in the range of biological problems which complex networks can be applied to, across spatial and temporal scales.


Governing Body Fellows

Continuing as a Fellow, Dr Jane Greatorex takes on a new role as Senior Tutor, and Director of Studies in Pre-Clinical Medical and Veterinary Sciences at Lucy Cavendish College. She will also continue to hold a pastoral tutorial role.  She has had a long career in academic and clinical science, specializing in the blood borne viruses and, until September 2017, was responsible for streamlining and improving HIV diagnostic services at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge. As a scientist used to working in high containment laboratories, she was a team leader in Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak in 2015 and remains on the list of scientists that may be called upon to respond in the event of a similar occurrence. She remains involved in a number of research projects, specifically exploring the use of next generation sequencing for the identification of resistance mutations in HIV and human herpes viruses. Jane also maintains an active research interest in the Influenza virus, most recently working on the shedding and survival of H1N1v (“swine ‘flu”).


Jo Ryan will join the Governing Body as a Fellow, following her promotion to the role of Development Director. Jo has previously worked here as Head of Fundraising for three years, and prior to that worked in development at Newnham College and at the Research Services Division at the University of Cambridge.


New Senior Associate

Dr Bogdan Popa works at the University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies as a Lecturer in Gender Studies. He has research interests in queer and LGBT+ studies, critical race studies, Marxist theories of labour, history of political thought, and feminist theory and activism. His research focuses on an analysis of the relationship between shame and politics, and on historical practices that challenge and disturb the status quo. 


College President Jackie Ashley said:

“We are delighted to welcome these new Fellows to our College and we hope that they will enjoy participating in the varied academic and social opportunities here. In addition, I offer my congratulations to Jane and to Jo for their promotions and wish them all the best in their new roles.”

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