Opening the gates between Lucy Cavendish and St Edmund’s

6 December 2017

We are delighted to announce that Lucy Cavendish and St Edmund’s Colleges have decided to allow free access between the two gardens for their College communities. The wrought iron gate at the end of our drive, which separates us from the grounds of St Edmund's College, will be open during daylight hours every day.

Visitors from St Edmund's are invited to look around our own grounds, and can find a small amount of information about the gardens, including the Medieval Herb Garden here.

Please click on these links to see maps of Lucy Cavendish Gardens and St Edmund's Gardens.

Lucy Cavendish Senior Tutor, Jane Greatorex said:

“Now as well as having our own lovely gardens and sculptures to admire and reflect on, our students will also be able to go and stroll around the grounds of St Edmunds. The latter are large and rather beautiful and I hope that we will all take some time out to enjoy the outdoors and explore.”

Photo: the gardens at St Edmund's

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