Our rugby captains lead Cambridge to victory at Varsity 2017

11 December 2017

Two consecutive captains of the Cambridge University Women’s Rugby Team Lara Gibson and Alice Middleton, made our College proud last week when they beat Oxford at the annual Varsity match 2017 at Twickenham with a score of 24-0 to Cambridge. Their success was followed by a win from the Cambridge men’s team, making a double victory!

The two matches were covered by lots of media outlets, but our favourite article was by Cambridge News who focused on Lara and Alice and their College friendship. The paper wrote:

“They combined beautifully for a try at Twickenham yesterday – and Alice Middleton has put it down to having known Lara Gibson for so long.

They've been studying at the Lucy Cavendish College together for years – as a vet and medicine graduate respectively – and they've both now captained the Cambridge University Women's team.”

College President Jackie Ashley said:

“Many congratulations to Alice, Lara and all the players for an incredible double win against Oxford. We are very proud that Lucy Cavendish students led the way on such a great day for Cambridge.”

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