Professor Ruth Cameron awarded IoM3 Griffith Medal

15 May 2018

College Fellow, Professor Ruth Cameron has been awarded the Griffith Medal and Prize by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IoM3).

From the website of the IoM3:

Ruth’s work in the materials science of regenerative medicine and pharmaceutical delivery is truly outstanding. She was awarded the UKSB President's Prize in 2017, has published an exceptional body of work in the field of ice templating technologies for regenerative medicine. Her publications deliver a comprehensive and robust framework for scaffold design, adaptable to the needs of different clinical targets. The original application was in osteochondral repair, with an international patent family and an award winning spin-out company, Orthomimetics. Ruth’s research has broadened this original application to a consideration of their potential in cardiac repair, periodontal repair, ridge augmentation surgery, wound healing and bioreactor applications. In the field of breast cancer research, the scaffolds have been used in 3D in vitro models of mammary gland tissue using epithelial and adipocyte co-culture. This approach has potential for developmental and tumorigenic studies and for screening breast cancer therapeutics for personalised medicine. She was a Founder Board member and later Director of Cambridge's £10M Pfizer Institute for Pharmaceutical Materials Science. 

Ruth said:

“This award is a fantastic honour and is testament to innovative research being done by the members of my research group.  The advances we are making in Cambridge Centre for Medical Materials have the power to change lives and we are very grateful for this prestigious recognition of the work’s importance.”

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