Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP to visit Lucy Cavendish College

27 January 2016

Lucy Cavendish College – the only college in Europe for women aged 21 and over – will welcome Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP to Cambridge on 4 February 2016, to discuss matters relating to both education and women’s equality. As the democratically-elected Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities, what better place for Nicky Morgan to explore the challenges and successes of women at the University of Cambridge, and beyond, than Lucy Cavendish College?

One of Cambridge’s newest colleges and a forward-looking part of the University, Lucy Cavendish has a proud history of creating opportunities for women to study and work at the highest level. With women still under-represented at the highest levels of many professions – including academia, the College Nicky Morgancontinues to be a leading voice for women in education.

As a College for students aged 21 and over, Lucy Cavendish is particularly well placed to highlight issues for women who do not follow a ‘traditional’ route to further education. It is also very aware of concerns over the rising cost of a higher education – costs that may deter potential students from pursuing a Cambridge education.  The Secretary of State has agreed to meet students to hear their concerns.

The College has many successes to share with Nicky; its strength in teaching, new student accommodation, academic and sporting triumphs, as well as the cutting edge work of its postgraduates and fellows in areas such as cancer research, food security and childhood development. The College will also share its vision for a new #Womenintechcentre, that aims to draw more women into the tech industry in the future.  Jackie Ashley, President of the College said:

“We look forward to meeting Nicky, to open a dialogue about the real challenges facing our students, and more broadly women aged 21 and over in education today. It is also a chance to share all Lucy Cavendish’s strengths – to highlight what we do well, and what women can achieve, given the right opportunities and support.”    

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About Lucy Cavendish

Lucy Cavendish is the only women's college in Europe exclusively for students aged 21 or over, and a unique part of the University of Cambridge. Its undergraduate and postgraduate students come from over sixty countries, and a wide variety of educational and professional backgrounds. Many have changed careers or overcome significant challenges in order to reach University. The College is particularly strong in Medicine, Law, Veterinary Medicine, Psychology, the Social Sciences and English.

Contact information:

Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge – Jeanette Ariano, Communications & Marketing Manager, 01223 768426 ja530@cam.ac.uk

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