Statement on transgender students

5 October 2017

In response to the media interest over the past few days, here are the details of our current policy:
We actively welcome transgender and transsexual undergraduates and graduates, and we are proactive in addressing applicants' concerns relating to cisnormativity, We are, however, by Statute only able to admit students who are legally female, so an applicant biologically born male, but identifying as female, would need to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate prior to entry. A student biologically born female, but identifying as male, could be admitted to Lucy Cavendish if that student remained female, in law.
If a student were to undergo gender transition during their time here, we would support the student, pastorally and academically, within Lucy Cavendish College, for as much of the transition period during which she remained legally female, as she wished, and would then assist the student in transferring to a mixed College.
Update 5 October 2017:
We discussed the issue at our Governing Body meeting last night and have agreed to review our policy. We are planning to consult widely (including with our Students’ Union) because this is an extremely important matter which needs detailed consideration.

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