Since 1965, Lucy has been an important place of learning, research and empowerment, providing a vital step in the life journeys and career paths of so many. Lucy was as forward-looking then as it is now, providing people from non-traditional or under-represented backgrounds with access to a world-class Cambridge education and, crucially, the support they need to make the very best of it.

As the College grows - offering opportunities to women and men who are aged 18, 19 or above - Lucy will continue to enable its students to go on to make a positive impact in society.

We are very grateful for all donations, to whichever fund best aligns with a donor’s wishes, including the College’s Greatest Need, Student Support, Teaching and Research, the Library and Sport at Lucy Cavendish. We are also proud to align our own efforts with the University’s Student Support Initiative, which is based on the following priorities:

  • to increase the number of postgraduate studentships available, to ensure quality and diversity of postgraduates; 
  • to expand undergraduate financial support and implement widening participation programmes; and
  • to prioritise student wellbeing, sport and cultural activities, ensuring students thrive and have the best possible experience at Cambridge.