I was lucky enough to matriculate at Lucy Cavendish when I was 61 years old. All my life I knew I could succeed at University and when I received the offer of a place at Cambridge all my dreams had come true. I obtained a 2:1 in English and graduated at 64 years old. I am now doing an MA. And after that, who knows?

After a long career in publishing (and a slightly shorter one in nursing) my life has entirely changed in recent years. I owe it all to Lucy Cavendish. So what could be better than to think of leaving a legacy to the College?

It’s very easy to do and there are several ways in which you can leave a legacy in your Will. I have left my house to the College to do with as it wishes. I have no dependents and fully intend to make provision for my friends but leaving a substantial sum to my College forges a permanent link with it for me and makes me glad that I can help to provide care and support for new students to the College in the coming years.

I benefited hugely from the Student Support Fund while I was a student here and it’s only right that I should make good this support. Being at Lucy Cavendish is a special experience - even amongst the many special experiences at Cambridge - and I am very happy to know that I am contributing towards that special experience for other students. It’s a good feeling.