We understand that making a Will is an important process, which takes time and you may have questions. 

Please email us to discuss your wishes or call: +44 (0) 1223 339241.


I’ve already included Lucy Cavendish College in my Will – should I let you know?

Yes. Please complete and return a Legacy Intentions form; this will enable us to thank you personally for your generosity and vision.

How will my gift be used?

Leaving an unrestricted legacy is particularly valuable, as it enables us to respond flexibly to areas of the greatest need. You may prefer give funds to a particular area of the College that’s meaningful to you – perhaps research, student support or scholarships, the Library or the gardens. 

Whatever you decide, we will respect your choices. Please get in touch to discuss your intentions, or indicate your preferences when you complete and return your Legacy Intentions form.

I already have a Will how do I update it?

It is possible to amend an existing will, or to add a codicil, by consulting with your solicitor.

Are legacy gifts to charity tax efficient?

Yes, legacies are tax-efficient. Leaving 10% of your net estate to a charity such as Lucy Cavendish could reduce your inheritance tax rate from 40% to 36%. 

As Lucy Cavendish College is a charity, we don't pay tax on legacy gifts. For more information, visit Your Legacy and Tax.

I live overseas, can I still make a legacy gift?

US tax payers can support Lucy Cavendish College through an estate plan via Cambridge in America (CAm)Find out more about giving through Cambridge in America.

If you live overseas (outside the US) please contact us for further information

What is the registered charity number for Lucy Cavendish College?

Registered charity number: 1137875

Address: Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge, Lady Margaret Road, Cambridge, CB3 0BU.

What wording should I use in my Will?

You should seek advice from your solicitor to confirm the appropriate wording for your Will. Please see Make your pledge today for more information.

Further Information on Legacy Giving

For more information on Inheritance Tax, please visit gov.uk

For more information on leaving a legacy if you are a US resident, please visit the Cambridge in America website


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