Lucy Cavendish College Telethon 2019
















We’re looking for 9 enthusiastic Lucians to call alumnae around the world during the 2019 Telephone Campaign (15-24 March 2019). This is a fantastic opportunity to:

  • Earn £9 per hour (including holiday pay) in less than two weeks work!
  • Gain great experience and enhance your CV.
  • Develop new, highly sought-after skills.
  • Connect with Lucy’s outstanding network of alumnae and friends.
  • Raise money for Lucy!

How much time would I need to commit?

Callers will be required at the following times:

  • Friday 15th March: Training 09.00-17.00 & first call session 18.30-20.30
  • Saturday 16th and Saturday 23rd March: 09.45 – 17.00
  • Sunday 17th March: 13.45 – 20.00
  • Monday 18th March: 18.15 – 21.30
  • Tuesday 19th March: 18.15 – 21.30
  • Wednesday 20th March: day off
  • Thursday 21st March: 18.15-21.30
  • Friday 22nd March: 18.15-21.30
  • Sunday 24th March: 13.45 –18:00

Want to find out more?

Then come along for a glass of wine and more information in the Warburton Hall Reception Rooms at 6pm on Monday 19th November, or pop into the Development Office today.

Apply Here

Applications open on Monday 19th November.
Closing date: 5pm, Wednesday 5th December. EXTENDED - Application Deadline: 5pm on Monday 14th January 2019

For more information please contact Tom Hawker-Dawson.